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Remscheid  Deutschland

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1689  Jan Frohn craftsman and businessman  introduced the logos for companies.

          The dog brand and the hammer and pliers. Hammer and pliers is still used

1718  The son Dietrich Frohn bought from his father the trade business for 660
Dietrich Frohn became 1706 foreman in the scythe forging business
          and married 
Katharina Schumacher.

1753   Their son Johann Peter Frohn became the head of all scythes

           Producers (Sensenvogt) 34 years old.

1752-1839 The son named Joh.Peter Frohn as well continued the business.

1766   After long negotiations the registration of the trade marks were accepted
           by the 
Elector. Johann Peter Frohn registered seven trade marks.

1776   The second October 1776 Johann Peter Frohn became foreman and it
           was registered in 
Cronenberg. This date was taken as official date of
           foundation FROHN. Only later investigations by the historian Dr. Lorenz
           it was proved, that the day of foundation FROHN is the year 1689.

1795   appears Johann Wilhelm Frohn, brother of Joh.Peter Frohn for the first
           time in the
Address book. He managed the company with big success.

1839   The company is transferred to the two sons Johann Peter and Johann
           Gottlieb Frohn.
Johann Wilhelm Frohn died the same year.

1847   The 18.08 the still actual brand was officially registered.

1870   The company name became Robert Frohn

1884   At that time the export markets were: Austria, Hungary
Serbia and Rumania.

1921   Ernst Frohn sold the Company to a syndicate consisting out of
           Obernik, Drucker
and the Bavarian Diamalt AG.

1922   Mr. Obernik transformed Frohn in a stock corporation

1934   Again a changement into a limited partnership

1936/37 Foundation of a file production in Rumania

1939     Robert Frohn Sohn KG was taken over by Mr. Carl Dobbertin Hamburg

1946-1948 Reconstruction of the office building which was completely 
              destroyed during
the war. Trade with more than 60 countries
              specially Middle- and
South America, 
Far-East and from the year
              1952 Frohn became partner of the
Eastern Europe 
              This was managed by Ernst Ohmes.

1974      Family Ohmes bought the Company from the Dobbertin Family and
              since that day 
the business is run by Claus Ohmes. The residence is
              now Morsbach 27 in 

1996      Concentration on three business fields:

              1) Cutting tools

              2) Billets out of stainless steel   and forged pieces stainless steel

              3) Buying Agent